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M/Bäder Sauna

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Sauna rules

What the sauna experts recommend

M/Bäder Sauna Paar
  1. Do not use the sauna when hungry or on a full stomach.
  2. Wash under the shower first.
  3. A hot foot spa before taking a sauna encourages sweating.
  4. Sit on a towel in the sauna and sweat on the middle or top levels but not for longer than 15 minutes.
  5. Lying flat, you will feel pleasant heat uniformly. However, you should sit up for the last two minutes.
  6. Go into the fresh air after taking a sauna.
  7. The Kneipp hose or jet shower are the gentlest ways of cooling off.
  8. Wash off perspiration before using the cold water plunge pool. Avoid plunge pools if you have high blood pressure.
  9. After cooling off, a foot spa will give you a comforting warm sensation.
  10. Repeated cold water exposure trains the blood vessels and strengthens the immune system.
  11. A rest period afterwards is pleasant and also enhances revitalization.
  12. You can enjoy a massage between sauna sessions.
  13. You should recover for around 20 minutes between two sauna sessions. More than three sauna sessions do not increase the health impact of the sauna.
  14. Drink sufficient fluids after using the sauna, such as fruit juice spritzers, herbal teas or a glass of Munich drinking water fresh from the source.
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