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Combined heat and power

Heizkraftwerk Süd with swans

SWM Energy Generation’s biggest plants - the north, south and Freimann combined heat and power plants - use environmentally friendly combined heat and power technology.

Combined energy generation: electricity and heat

Our state-of-the-art combined heat and power plants make use of the heat produced during electricity generation, which is then fed into the district heating network. The plants achieve a total level of efficiency of up to 90%. This means the fuel consumed is used twice as effectively as in conventional plants.

Significant CO2 reductions

The use of waste heat from electricity generation provides the Munich heating market with some four billion additional kWh in eco-friendly heating energy. Around 450 million litres of heating oil would be required to produce the same amount of heat energy with oil-powered household heating systems. The burning of this amount of fuel would release 1.1 million tons of CO2 into Munich’s air. We prevent this vast amount of pollution, which exceeds the total amount of CO2 produced by all car traffic in Munich per year, from entering Munich’s air through the use of district heating. At around 800 kilometres in length, the district heating network is also one of the biggest in Europe.


SWM's district heating vision

By 2040, district heating in Munich is to solely originate from renewable energy sources.

Combined heat and power
animation combined heat and power

How does combined heat and power work? We show you in our animation (please switch on sound).

District heating expansion

We plan to significantly extend the district heating network to enable as many Munich residents as possible to have a connection.