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District cooling

M/Fernkälte: Pinguine

District cooling is a green, energy-efficient and more affordable alternative to conventional air-conditioning systems. It provides environmentally friendly air-conditioning of buildings.

The concept offers significant environmental benefits. In comparison to conventional air-conditioning systems, district cooling produces far fewer CO2 emissions and reduces primary energy costs by around half.

District cooling has long been part of SWM’s expansion of its renewable energy generation mix. For example, we modernized the central cooling plant at Stachus-Bauwerk. The result is a district cooling system that supplies surrounding consumers via insulated cooling networks.

Cooling from the Stadtbach (stream through the city)
SWM uses district cooling to provide air-conditioning for the offices and shops in the city center during the hot summer months. The Stadtbach streams, which flow underground through Stachus, also contributes to the cooling process. This innovative cooling system offers major environmental benefits. Valuable resources are saved as cooling is produced centrally and the Stadtbach streams also contributes to cooling. Primary energy costs are reduced by around half compared to conventional, de-central air-conditioning systems.

Cold groundwater – a natural source of energy
The use of groundwater from culverts in the underground system also enables the supply of district cooling in Munich. The existing groundwater is tapped into as a source of energy and used for cooling in a closed circuit making efficient use of energy. This makes an even greater contribution to environmental protection. The only energy required for cooling is electricity for the pumps.

We successfully implemented this environmentally friendly cooling supply system in collaboration with BMW.

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