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SWM: A company for Munich

We make Munich work.

As one of the largest municipal companies in Germany, SWM stands for a secure supply of energy and drinking water, urban mobility, forward looking telecommunications services and pure, untreated drinking water from the Bavarian Alpine foothills. With our service offerings we are an important part of public communal services and are making major contributions to the economic strength and the quality of life in Munich and the region.

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SWM keeps Munich running around the clock, 24/7: We supply the city of Munich with electricity, natural gas, district heating, district cooling and spring fresh drinking water from the Bavarian Alpine foothills. Our services also include the network management for the energy and water networks, distribution and sales. What’s more, we also operate 18 indoor and summer swimming pools.

Our MVG mobility subsidiary is responsible for the municipal subway, bus and tram networks, as well as our MVG bike offerings. By expanding fiber optics and other communication networks, we are laying the foundations for the networked and liveable city of the future.

The City of Munich is the 100% owner of SWM. In other words, SWM belongs to the citizens of Munich and is therefore an essential part of municipal public services. We take responsibility for individuals, resources and the environment. We are also committed to education and social issues and rank as one of Munich's largest employers. Our employees act in a cooperative manner and in a spirit of partnership, both internally and externally.

The goal of our activities is to maintain and further develop the high quality of life in Munich and the region. SWM contributes to making Munich one of the world’s most livable cities.

The energy transition

SWM is shaping Munich's climate future.

As a municipal energy company, SWM has the responsibility to play a major role in shaping the energy transition. Well before the Federal Republic of Germany abandoned nuclear power, we decided to turn the tide in power generation and launched our Renewable Energy Expansion Campaign in 2008.

Renewable Energy Expansion Offensive

Holistic energy strategy

SWM is taking a holistic approach in implementing the energy transition. Within the framework of our Renewable Energies Expansion Campaign, we are advancing renewable energy generation in both the electricity and heating sectors. After all, the energy transition can only succeed if electricity and heat are generated by renewable sources.

SWM’s aims and objectives:

  • From 2025, SWM intends to produce as much green electricity in its own plants as the entire municipality of Munich requires. Currently, we are already generating more green electricity than all households in Munich, as well as the tram and subway systems need.
  • In order to achieve the energy transition in the heating market, SWM developed a District Heating Vision in the year 2012: our aim is to cover Munich's entire district heating requirements on a CO2-neutral basis. Geothermal sources will account for the major share of eco-heating.

  • The expansion of district cooling to replace individual air conditioning systems represents a further component of our climate commitment. Thanks to eco-cooling by groundwater and city streams, energy consumption for cooling is reduced by around 70 percent.
  • SWM is also driving the transition forward in the traffic area. At present, subways and trams are already 100 percent powered by electricity. By 2030, bus traffic in Munich will also to be 100 percent electrically driven and emission-free.

Expansion of regenerative energies

SWM’s renewable energy systems

In the expansion of green electricity generation, projects in the greater Munich area take priority for SWM. As the metropolis of Munich and its region are densely populated, solar and wind energy are only of limited use here, while the distance regulation in Bavaria makes the expansion of wind energy virtually impossible, we cannot generate as much green electricity regionally as required. Consequently, we are also producing green electricity together with partners at other locations in Europe.

Our renewable energy systems at a glance:

Compliance & Code of Conduct

Adherence to all legal regulations and all internal compliance rules are a matter of course for SWM.

Our code of conduct sets out the precise regulations. SWM has installed a so-called "whistleblower system". Internally, the staff unit Corporate Regulations and Compliance receives information on possible compliance violations. In addition, SWM has appointed Dr. Karl Sidhu as ombudsman.

Should you suspect illegal business practices such as corruption, fraud, embezzlement, violations of antitrust law or similar violations with regard to an SWM company, you can contact one of the following persons confidentially, and if you wish, anonymously.

Contact persons for compliance information

Stadtwerke München GmbH

Group Regulations and Compliance
Dr. Marietje Rotheimer
Compliance Officer

Phone: + 49 89 2361-6240
Fax: + 49 89 2361-706240
E-mail: rotheimer.marietje@swm.de

Dr. Karl Sidhu, LL.M.

Widenmayerstr. 36
80538 Munich

Phone: +49 89 244 133 4 60
Fax: +49 89 244 133 4 68
M: +49 176 225 74 526
E-mail: sidhu@svs-legal.de

Code of Conduct of Stadtwerke München

In line with our corporate mission statement, our Code of Conduct contains binding rules and principles for legally compliant, integrity-conscious and responsible behavior on the part of the management and employees of Stadtwerke München.

Code of Conduct

Business Partner Code

In the Business Partner Code of Conduct, SWM defines the most important principles for legally compliant, responsible and integrity-conscious action. We assume these principles are adhered to when working with business partners.

Business Partner Code of Conduct


Would you like to learn more about SWM? We’d be more than pleased to help you.

Phone: 0800 796 796 0 *
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

E-mail: customer-service@swm.de

* toll-free within Germany

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