One of the best drinking waters in Europe

The source areas of Munich's drinking water are located in the Alpine foothills of Bavaria - in rock formations that yield clear and pure spring water. Therefore, M-Wasser drinking water is a gift of nature. You can rely on it coming to you from the tap in consistent quality, fresh from the spring, day in, day out. Convince yourself of the quality of Munich's water, one of the best drinking waters in Europe.

Advantages of M-Wasser drinking water

  • Assured quality
    All analytical values of Munich's drinking water are well below the limit values of the Drinking Water Ordinance. We ensure quality by way of regular controls.
  • Favorably priced
    Enjoying M-Wasser drinking water from the tap saves the cost of water from the supermarket. There is no cheaper source of high quality drinking water.
  • Natural drinking water
    Munich's drinking water is one of the best in Europe. It comes fresh from the source in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.
  • For the preparation of baby food
    Thanks to its outstanding high quality, M-Wasser is a valuable nutritional factor - for adults, children and also for babies.
  • Good for the environment
    The supply of tap water consumes a great deal less energy than the provision of mineral water. Drinking M-Wasser is environmentally compatible.
  • Forget about dragging crates
    No more lugging crates of water or plastic bottles from the supermarket: we deliver spring fresh drinking water directly to your home around the clock.

Secure water supply in Munich

For a city with over a million inhabitants such as Munich, the reliable supply of drinking water around the clock is indispensable. Our water extraction plants ensure that M-water is always available in the required and desired quantity. The most important extraction plants are located in the Mangfall Valley, at the foot of the Taubenberg, and in the Loisachtal Valley between Oberau and Farchant. The plants complement each other expediently and bring some of the best drinking water in Europe from the foothills of the Alps directly to ­every house in Munich.

Via underground pipelines, we transport the freshly extracted water from the extraction areas safely to the elevated tanks situated in the south of the city. We make sure that the right amount of water is always in the right place.

The extraction plants and water pipes are designed in such a way that they can replace each other at any time: the possible failure of one plant can be compensated by another plant at short notice. In this way, Munich's water supply is guaranteed at all times.

Drinking Water Protection

SWM protects the quality of Munich's drinking water in the Mangfalltal, Loisachtal and Munich Schotterebene (gravel plain). In cooperation with the local population, we ensure that the spring and ground water is kept pure - for example, through organic farming, sustainable forestry, initiatives and cooperation activities.

Organic farming

The Öko-Bauern initiative protects water in the Mangfalltal extraction area

In order to promote organic farming in the catchment area of the Mangfalltal water catchment area, SWM launched the "Ökobauern" initiative in 1992. The former pilot project is now serving as a nation-wide model: SWM works closely with renowned, established organic farming associations such as Naturland, Bioland, Biokreis and Demeter supporting farmers in their transition from traditional to organic farming.

And with outstanding success: since then, 185 farmers have converted their farms to ecological standards. Together, these organic farmers now cultivate an area of around 4,650 hectares – representing one of the largest organically farmed areas in Germany.

Protection of flora and fauna

In order to secure water quality, water protection areas have been designated around the sites of all extraction plants. The habitat and the diversity of numerous plant and animal species is being preserved by the natural and water-conserving management of the areas in these areas.

Healthy forests protect climate and drinking water

The SWM forestry program is also protecting Munich's drinking water: on behalf of SWM, the municipal forestry administration ensures eco-friendly management of the forests in the Mangfalltal and Munich Schotterebene. After all, a healthy forest is an ideal water reservoir and represents a species-appropriate habitat for numerous animals.


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