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M/Fernwärme: Frau beim Baden

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District heating

M-Fernwärme district heating is a convenient and environmentally friendly means of room and water heating. A connected load of over 50 KW is best suited for a connection to the SWM district heating network.

District heating is therefore the ideal form of heating supply for industrial plants, office buildings, apartment buildings, housing developments, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, schools and universities.


  • High degree of supply security as district heating is generated at SWM’s own plants in Munich
  • No fuel needs to be burned in the home as district heating is supplied ready-to-use
  • Saves space as boilers, fuel storage, oil and gas tanks and chimneys are not necessary
  • Low operating and maintenance costs thanks to the use of technically advanced, non-fault-prone components
  • Green and sustainable as legal requirements are met and CO2 emissions are avoided
  • Cost-effective, as no investment in expensive energy solutions is required and funds can be used for other renovation projects
  • District heating customers comply with the Renewable Energies Heating Act (EEWärmeG) as federal government gives heat from highly efficient combined heat and power plants the same status as renewable energies.
  • Thanks to the simultaneous generation of electricity and heating, district heating has a low primary energy factor, which is beneficial in terms of buildings’ energy certification and investments in new-builds and renovation.

If you wish to find out more about M-Fernwärme, please contact us.

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E-Mail: customer-service@swm.de
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