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offshore wind power

100 percent renewable.

We generate as much green energy to supply all of Munich’s private households, subways and trams combined.

Renewable Energies

Munich glows

with renewable energies


Attractively priced

and convenient thanks to online handling

M-Strom Direkt

For price-conscious customers

M-Erdgas Direkt

Drinking water

M-Wasser comes directly to Munich from the Lower Alps, fresh and clean.

Drinking water
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Energie für die Region

Renewable Energies

We aim to produce enough green electricity by 2025 to meet the requirements of the entire city of Munich - as first city with over one million people.

Green electricity with M-Ökostrom

Choose M-Ökostrom green electricity to make a personal contribution to environmental protection. Order online and save time and money.


Save energy and costs

We often use more energy than required. You can help protect the environment and save money by following these tips.

High-speed data highway

SWM is continuing to improve Munich’s infrastructure by rolling out a fibre-optic network in Munich and creating a high-speed data highway.

Access your data 24/7:
  • meter readings
  • online invoices
  • direct debit mandates
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