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Enjoy the hot and cold.

Boost your immune system by paying regular visits to our saunas which offer relaxation, wellness, skincare, massages, and a friendly atmosphere.

Saunas at M-Bäder

Saving energy
is in our nature

Saving energy

Drinking water

M-Wasser comes directly to Munich from the Lower Alps, fresh and clean.

Drinking water

Feel the warmth

District heating

Munich glows

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renewable energies

Renewable Energies

We aim to produce enough green electricity by 2025 to meet the requirements of the entire city of Munich - as first city with over one million people.

Green electricity with M-Ökostrom

Choose M-Ökostrom green electricity to make a personal contribution to environmental protection. Order online and save time and money.

a young couple cooking together

Opt for M-Erdgas Direkt to save time and money.

M-Erdgas Direkt not only offers you safe supply of natural gas but also enables you to save money.

High-speed data highway

SWM is continuing to improve Munich’s infrastructure by rolling out a fibre-optic network in Munich and creating a high-speed data highway.

Access your data 24/7:
  • meter readings
  • online invoices
  • direct debit mandates