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Saunas at the M-Bäder swimming pools

Boost your immune system and improve your health by visiting our saunas on a regular basis. The M-Bäder sauna facilities have so much to offer – relaxation, wellbeing, skin care, massages and a convivial atmosphere.

Saunas – highly recommended at any time of year

It does you good to experience warm temperatures at the coldest times of the year during autumn and winter. And regularly opening the body’s pores in the sauna strengthens the immune system and prevents colds. The change in temperature improves blood vessel performance. The mucous membranes are always well supplied with blood allowing them to fight off pathogenic agents.

Taking a sauna in the spring and summer improves the body’s heat balance. If you are planning a holiday in hot southern climes, get your body used to the heat by visiting the sauna. It learns to perspire properly and to adjust quickly to external temperatures. Taking a sauna regularly in the summer also boosts the body’s defenses over the long-term.