Müller´sches Volksbad


The Müller'sche Volksbad’s magnificent art nouveau design makes it one of Europe’s most beautiful swimming pools. This bathing temple on the Isar opened its doors in 1901.
The engineer Karl Müller donated the Müller´sche Volksbad to the city of Munich on the condition that it built a pool for the poor. Almost all of the notable historic details have been preserved true to the original thanks to painstaking, elaborate craftsmanship.

This is Munich’s most stylish venue for enjoying swimming and the sauna all year around. Taking a dip in the Müller'schen Volksbad allows you to experience bathing culture in the original sense. The small swimming pool (18 x 11 m), which was reserved for women in the old days, is kept at a pleasant temperature. Today, it is mainly used by people who swim for pleasure. Swimmers will find a more sporting environment in the 31-meter former men’s pool. In addition to normal bathing, there are also fitness classes such as water gymnastics.
Bathing like the ancient Romans
The Roman steam bath is the highlight of the sauna facilities. In contrast to the sauna, your body is warmed up slowly in rooms heated to different temperatures (45, 60, 80° C). There is also a Finnish sauna with changing colored lights where water is poured onto the hot rocks every hour and a steam bath.

A piece of living history
The baths and showers in Volksbad date back to a time when having your own bathroom was a rare luxury. We have maintained this tradition and part of the city’s history until the present day.

The Müller'schen Volksbad also offers relaxing massages. The Volksbad cafe offers a wide range of food and drinks for a snack.

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