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Drinking water

M-Wasser makes an enormous contribution to the standard of living in Munich. After being extracted from ground water, our pure drinking water is transported to 1.4 million residential customers in Munich without any further processing or purification. As a resident of Munich, you can therefore enjoy some of the best drinking water in Europe.

Purity controls – quality guaranteed

M-Wasser is not just high quality, it is also less expensive than drinking water in other German cities. M-Wasser mainly owes its outstanding quality to its origins. It is transported directly to Munich from the Alpine uplands and is fresh and pure without any additives. We introduced an additional measure to protect water supplies as early as 1992 which has since become a model for the whole of Germany. This is based on providing systematic support for organic farming.

(as at January 1st, 2015)

drinking water tariffs
gross (net)
1m³ of drinking water €1,6371 (€1.53)

Please find information on the quantity-dependent customer charges in the tariff list which can be downloaded:

Commissioned by the Munich municipal waste water works, SWM also collects waste water charges. These charges are collected free of any extra charge and are transferred to Munich City Council.

The supply of M-Wasser is subject to certain legal conditions. If you wish to receive more information, please download the General Terms and Conditions of Supply:

Drinking Water Ordinance 2001 (TrinkwV 2001, current version from 28/11/2011)

If you wish to find out more about M-Wasser, please contact us.

Phone: 0800 796 796 0 *
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
E-Mail: customer-service@swm.de
* toll-free within Germany

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