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M-Strom (Electricity)

Independent, reliable, sustainable

Opt for favorably priced electricity from Germany's largest municipal provider.

Whatever your rate, you can always rely on:


  • Clear cut pricing: long term favorable costs for new and existing customers
  • Fair contract conditions: no advance payments, no minimum contract periods
  • Multiple awarded customer service: competent advice and innovative online service
  • The reassuring feeling of having Germany's largest municipal energy provider at your side: established, independent, ecologically sustainable, close to customers

Find your optimal rates

Content M-Strom Direkt

M-Strom Direkt

Online rate for cost conscious customers: attractively priced and convenient thanks to online handling, available throughout Germany

M-Strom Direkt



The online rate for environmentally aware clients: good for the environment, favorably priced thanks to online processing, available throughout Germany.



M-Ökostrom aktiv

For all customers who would like to do more for the environment: SWM invests your surcharge of 1.53 cents/kilowatt in the new construction of facilities for the generation of renewable energies.

M-Ökostrom aktiv


M-Strom privat Kompakt/Komfort

The conventional rate: for customers in Munich and Moosburg

M-Strom privat Kompakt/Komfort

Other products and services

Electricity for business customers (M-Strom business)
General Tariffs, General Terms and Conditions of Supply

If you wish to find out more about M-Strom, please contact us.


Phone: 0800 796 796 0*
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
* toll-free within Germany
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Motoring with M-Ökostrom green electricity


We drive electromobility forward. An electric car powered solely by electricity from renewable energies produces no CO2.

Network connections
network connections

From registration to putting the meter into service, you will find comprehensive information here on network connections.