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M/Wasser Gewinnung Loisachtal

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Drinking water supply

Munich's drinking water comes directly from the Bavarian alpine uplands. Your water comes from different catchment supply areas depending on which part of Munich you live in.

The outstanding quality of drinking water enhances quality of life in cosmopolitan Munich. To meet the requirements of 1.4 million people in an environmentally responsible way, the city and SWM have developed three supply catchment areas over the years - the Mangfalltal valley, the Schotterebene and the Loisachtal region - which complement one another perfectly and provide Munich with some of the best drinking water in Europe from the alpine uplands.

Drinking water protection in the Mangfalltal valley

The locations of all water supply plants in the Mangfalltal valley have been given the status of designated water protection areas. Over 1,800 hectares of forest ensure a balanced hydrological regime in the drinking water supply catchment area.

We also launched the “organic farmers” initiative in 1992, which promotes organic farming in the water supply catchment area of the Mangfalltal valley.

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