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M/Wasser Gewinnung: Hochbehälter Forstenrieder Park

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Quality of drinking water

All laboratory results are considerably below the legal limits. As a result, M-Wasser is highly suitable for the preparation of baby food. It is also a refreshing part of a healthy adult diet with essential minerals.

Please find the following current laboratory analysis results for the entire Munich urban area:

Laboratory analysis results for drinking water (PDF, 523 KB)

Water hardness

Munich drinking water from the Alpine uplands is natural, pure and fresh. The water hardness is between 14.2 and 19.8 degrees on the German scale (dH). With an average value of 16.6° dH (2.97 mmol/l), it is categorized as hardness grade "hard" according to the German Law on Detergents. For normal and only slightly dirty laundry, we recommend use of a detergent for hardness grade “medium”. This helps protect the environment and saves you money. The use of detergent for hardness grade "hard" is only economical for very dirty laundry.

M-Wasser exhibits calcium-carbonate-equilibrium characteristics. It forms an anti-corrosive protective layer on metallic pipe materials. This means that no water treatment (softening with ion exchanger, addition of phosphates or silicates etc.) is necessary for domestic needs. No significant calcification occurs below 60 degrees.

Hardness grade (International System of Units, SI)

Definition according to WRMG* Former definition    
Soft <1.5 mmol/l CaCO3**  0°- 8.4° dH  
Medium 1.5 - 2.5 mmol/l CaCO3**  8.4°-14° dH Recommended detergent dosage for hardness grade "medium"
Hard >2.5 mmol/l CaCO3**  > 14° dH 2.97 mmol/l (16.6° dH), average degree of hardness of water in Munich

* WRMG = Wasch- und Reinigungsmittelgesetz  (German Law on Detergents)

** CACO3 = calcium-carbonate

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