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Olympiapark leuchtet mit M/Strom

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Information on M-Ökostrom

  • In plants powered by regenerative energies, such as hydropower, for example, the amount of electricity is generated that matches customer consumption, and is then fed-in to the European power grid. Stadtwerke München document this for customers by providing certificates of origin according to the 2009/28/EG guideline of the European Parliament.
  • By opting for M-Ökostrom customers reduce their CO2 emissions. The certificates of origin can be exactly assigned to the electricity sourced by the customer, and can be considered in connection with energy labelling pursuant to Section 42 of Germany's Law on Energy (§ 42 EnWG). The administration and cancellation of the certificates of origin is handled by SWM in an entirely transparent manner.
  • By the year 2025 we aim to produce sufficient green electricity in our own plants to meet the power requirements of the entire municipality of Munich. This totals some 7.5 billion kilowatt hours per year. This will position Munich as the first city with over a million inhabitants to achieve this goal - worldwide.

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