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Autofahren mit M/Erdgas

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Motoring with M-Erdgas

CNG (compressed natural gas)

M/Erdgas tanken

Do you find the constant increases in petrol prices annoying? We have an alternative solution that saves you money and is more environmentally friendly. Filling up with M-Erdgas is a more economical and greener option.

The benefits of M-Erdgas CNG as a fuel:

  • Especially environment-friendly: By filling your vehicle with M-Erdgas CNG (compressed natural gas) at SWM's filling stations you improve the already very good carbon footprint of natural gas and drive almost carbon neutral. M-Erdgas consists of 100% regenerative biomethane that is produced from local organic waste. 
  • SWM makes Munich the first German metropolis where you can get 100% regenerative biomethane at filling stations.
  • M-Erdgas is around 50% less expensive than petrol and at least 30% cheaper than diesel. A significantly lower rate of fuel duty applies to M-Erdgas, as it is an eco-friendly fuel. This is enshrined in law until 2018.
  • The new road tax entered into force on July 1, 2009. This takes account of a vehicle’s CO2 emissions as well as its engine size. Gas vehicles, in particular, benefit under the new road tax as they emit less CO2 than petrol and diesel vehicles.
  • Vehicles fuelled with M-Erdgas are much quieter than their petrol-fuelled counterparts.
  • Extensive network of filling stations: There are over 900 natural gas filling stations in Germany.
  • Please note: natural gas vehicles are just as safe as petrol or diesel models. Maintenance and service costs are no higher than for conventional cars.

M-Erdgas CNG is now available at eight filling stations in Munich and its surrounding area. There are over 900 natural gas filling stations in Germany. To make filling up with M-Erdgas even more convenient in future, we are further expanding our network of CNG  filling stations in Munich and its region.

M-Erdgas CNG fuel price: 1,139 €/kg (H-Gas)

M-Erdgas CNG filling stations in Munich:

  • Agip/SWM: Boschetsrieder Straße 162, 81379 München
  • Agip/SWM: Nordallee 45, 85356 München - Flughafen
  • ALLGUTH/SWM: Dieselstraße 100, 85774 Unterföhring
  • ALLGUTH/SWM: Kreillerstraße 220, 81825 München
  • ALLGUTH/SWM: Von-Kahr-Straße 1, 80997 München
  • BAVARIA petrol/SWM: Bodenseestraße 317, 81249 München
  • BAVARIA petrol/SWM: Unterhachinger Straße 28, 85521 Ottobrunn
  • SWM: Schäftlarnstraße 1, 81371 München (across from the gateway to Großmarkthalle central market)

CNG filling stations in Munich:

  • Aral: Schenkendorfstraße 15, 80807 München
  • BAUER Kompressoren: Drygalski Allee 37, 81477 München
Logo CNG
Logo CNG

The new CNG app from the gibgas.de consumer website enables users to search for filling stations via smartphones and tablets. With a user-friendly interface, the details of around 3,000 publically accessible CNG filling stations in 33 European countries can be viewed. As well as details such as the address, opening times and fuel quality, the app also provides real-time information on the prices and availability of the stations. Users obtain a customised 24-hour service both online and offline. Various filter options facilitate the search for the required information.

The CNG app can be downloaded here.

If you wish to find out more about Motoring with M-Erdgas, please contact us.

Phone: 0800 796 796 0 *
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
E-Mail: customer-service@swm.de
* toll-free within Germany

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Do you have any questions about natural gas vehicles? Send us an e-mail: erdgasfahrzeuge@swm.de