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M/Erdgas: Gasflammen

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M-Erdgas natural gas

Clean energy at a fair price

M/Erdgas Kompakt: Frau lächelt

M-Erdgas is attractively priced, eco-friendly, and convenient. We offer the optimal tariff for you.

You can rely on the following with all tariffs:

  • Clear price structuring - we constantly offer attractive prices for new and existing customers
  • Fair contract conditions - no prepayments or minimum contract terms
  • Multi-award-winning customer service - expert advice and innovative online service
  • The reassurance of receiving support from Germany’s largest municipal energy provider – well-established, independent, environmentally sustainable,You can rely on the following with all tariffs: and close to its customers

Find the optimal tariff for you

M/Erdgas: Paar vor Kamin

M-Erdgas Direkt

The online tariff for price-conscious customers - attractively priced and convenient thanks to online processing, available throughout Germany. M-Erdgas Direkt
M/Ökogas: Frau mit Baum


The online tariff for environmentally aware customers - kind to the environment thanks to CO2 reduction certificates, attractively priced thanks to online processing and available throughout Germany. M-Ökogas
M/Erdgas Garant: Paar im Wohnzimmer

M-Erdgas Garant

Favourable prices and long time guaranteed price: You save money and enjoy a plus of security. M-Erdgas Garant
M/Erdgas Kompakt: Paar kocht

M-Erdgas Kompakt/Basis

The classic tariff - for customers in Munich and Moosburg M-Erdgas Kompakt/Basis

Business tariffs

SWM offers business customers various tariff plans depending on the type of service required. You receive a specific contract based on your individual business needs.

If you own a business using more than 10,000 m³/a of natural gas, we will supply you with high-calorific-value gas in a primary state with an average calorific value of 11.05 kWh/Nm³ and advise you on optimum adjustment of your system. We also take care of regular maintenance of the underground distribution facilities to your premises and your meter and provide you with all necessary engineering services.


If you wish to find out more about M-Erdgas, please call us at 0800 796 796 0*
* toll-free within Germany

If you wish to find out more about M-Erdgas natural gas, please contact us.

Phone: 0800 796 796 0 *
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
E-Mail: customer-service@swm.de
* toll-free within Germany

Send an inquiry

M/Ökostrom: Frau in Natur

M-Ökostrom green electricity

Good for you and good for the environment: Choose M-Ökostrom green electricity and save time and money.

Order M-Ökostrom online
M/Fernwärme: Netzanschluss

Network connections

From registration to putting the meter into service, you will find comprehensive information here on network connections. Network connections