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M/Bäder Kursangebote Gymnastik

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Want to keep fit through regular training? Affordably and in your area? The M-Bäder swimming pools make keeping fit easy.

M/Bäder Fitnesscenter Nordbad
Nordbad’s 4,000 m² fitness and aqua center is the most modern in Munich with various studios and large swimming pools.
M/Bäder Fitnesscenter Olympia-Schwimmhalle
This 10,000 m² M-Fitnesscenter has everything you need for personal training.
M/Bäder Fitness Hanteln
This fitness room offers you fitness equipment for your workout.
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M/Bäder Sauna Paar

Recovery after training

You can relax and fully recover at our saunas after working out. Saunas
M/Bäder Schwimmerin

Films on M-Bäder swimming pools

Interested in seeing what our swimming pools are like? Then simply view our videos (in German). Films on M-Bäder