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Hot water (showers and baths)

Every person in Germany uses an average of 120 to 130 liters of water a day. Around 10 to 20% of total household energy requirements are used on providing hot water for showers, baths and washing etc. Use our tips to save energy and water:

Shower instead of taking a bath: Avoid taking a bath as a quick shower is usually sufficient. Showering saves water and energy as it only requires around a third of the power needed for taking a bath.

Turn water off when soaping up: Turn the shower off when soaping up. When brushing your teeth or wet shaving, you will also save hot water by only turning the tap on for rinsing. Around 20 liters of water flow down the plughole in three minutes, which is enough for a quick shower.

Repair dripping taps: If just ten drops of water fall per minute that means 170 wasted liters of water a month which is more than would fit into a bathtub. Dripping taps should therefore be repaired as quickly as possible.


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Ausbauoffensive Erneuerbare Energien: Windkraft

Renewable energies

We aim to generate enough green electricity by 2025 to meet the requirements of the entire city of Munich. Renewable energies