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Awarded as excellent: the SWM rates, performance and service portfolio

A good price-performance ratio, high product quality and best possible service offerings: this is what our customers benefit from. The fact that they are in very good hands is regularly confirmed by independent surveys.

Our aim is simply to be the best possible provider you could wish for. This is what we work for - every single day. And the feedback we received confirms that our customers are more than satisfied. Current surveys document the fact that our customers received excellent care, and that we provide them with very good services.

Logo Focus Money: Fairster Stromversorger

The FOCUS-MONEY Fairness Survey: SWM ranks among the fairest electricity providers

For the third time in a row the FOCUS-MONEY Fairness Survey has confirmed the "Optimal and Fair" rating of SWM and its customers - positioning SWM as one of Germany's fairest electricity providers. Assigned by FOCUS-MONEY, the Cologne based ServiceValue GmbH Institute polled more than 2,700 customers in a representative survey. The consumers contributed their opinions on 25 service and performance features.

In the overall ranking of the 30 electricity providers surveyed SWM achieved the overall assessments the "Fairest Electricity Provider".

Logo Focus Money: Fairster Gasversorger

FOCUS-MONEY confirms: SWM rated as very fair and partnership based natural gas provider


The fact that we serve our natural gas customers in a very fair and partnership based manner was confirmed by the third time in a row by a FOCUS-MONEY survey. SWM ranked among the best natural gas providers and was acknowledged with the "Fairest Gas Provider" quality seal. FOCUS-MONEY assigned the Cologne based ServiceValue GmbH Institute to investigate the fairness ratings of 30 German natural gas providers. In the course of a representative online survey more than 2,500 customers provided their input on 25 service and performance aspects and features.

Website des Jahres 2015

We are the winners of the vote on the website of the year 2015

Many thanks for all of your votes! SWM’s homepage came out on top, as the best website in the "public utilities" category.

That was the outcome of an online survey in which over 18,300 users took part. They rated the sites in terms of navigation, content and design. SWM’s website achieved the highest average score in each category compared to its competitors. "Website of the Year" is one of the most important public awards for websites in Germany and is conducted by the online market research institute MetrixLab. Stadtwerke München had enhanced its website only as recently as August 2015, focusing even more intensively on customer requirements.

Logo Kundenmonitor Deutschland

Stadtwerke München secures top position in "Customer Monitor Germany 2015" study

The Customer Monitor is a cross-sector study on customer satisfaction, the quality of customer relationships and their impact on customer loyalty and is carried out annually by Service Barometer AG.

This year SWM improved significantly compared to the previous year in all key indicators and came out top in the comparison of electric utilities. In particular, Stadtwerke München was one of the best providers in terms of customer loyalty. Attaining 96% in intention to reselect, SWM actually achieved the best score in the entire industry.
A similar picture emerged with regard to the intention to recommend.

SWM also achieved a top spot in recognizable competitive benefits. SWM performed well in the fields of advertising, eco-friendly solutions and its product range compared to the competition.

Logo Energieverbraucherportal: Top Lokalversorger Strom&Gas

TOP local provider 2016


As in the six preceding years SWM was acknowledged with "Top Local Utility Company" quality seal in 2016 in the electricity and gas categories. The appraisal covered price-performance ratio, as well as environmental commitment and the service quality.

Serviceatlas Energieversorger 2015 Kundenurteil

SWM rated "very good" by "ServiceAtlas Energy Providers 2015"

With an overall rating of "very good", SWM came out top in this year’s "ServiceAtlas Energy Providers 2015". We attained this top mark in all five test categories – tariffs, customer advisory services, customer service, price-performance ratio and sustainability. This means we achieved the best result of the utilities tested. Thirty energy providers were evaluated overall, with 3,111 customer ratings in total.

The "ServiceAtlas Energy Providers 2015" competition study is conducted by ServiceValue GmbH in Cologne.  

Logo n-tv Top 3 Stromanbieter überregional

Top 3 in the 2015 Electricity Supplier Study by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ)

Once again in 2015 we ranked high in the “Stromanbieter 2015” (Electricity Supplier Study) of the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ). We were praised for our low prices, customer-friendly terms and conditions, good service and, first and foremost, our highly-informative Internet site.

The DISQ jury’s verdict: “We were particularly impressed by the contractual conditions with a short, four-week minimum term and automatic extension – again by four weeks – and the long price guarantee of 14 months (market average: 10.9 months). Moreover … the costs were consistently below the market average. With regard to service, the cross-regional supplier earned points especially for its highly-informative Internet site. For example, the site contains rate comparisons with other companies, and customers can view their consumption history online.”

The DISQ examined the service and conditions of 35 electricity suppliers on behalf of the news broadcaster n tv. The companies were examined on the basis of more than 1,000 test contacts by phone, e-mail and Internet. The “Stromanbieter 2015” study has been carried out annually in cooperation with n-tv since 2008.

Logo n-tv Deutscher Fairnesspreis 2014

German Fairness Prize 2014 awarded by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ)


SWM won the German Fairness Prize 2014, which was bestowed for the first time by the Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität (DISQ, German Institute for Service Quality). In cooperation with the n-tv broadcasting station, the institute conducted a major consumer survey on the topic of fairness, which, among other areas, focused on 23 electricity providers with regard to price-performance ratio, reliability and transparency. In the overall ranking of electricity providers SWM took second place, thereby receiving the "TOP 3 Electricity Providers" quality seal. In the pricing and rates check the Institute explicitly acknowledged the favourable SWM rates.

The DISQ survey analysed the service as well as the terms and conditions of a total of 23 electricity providers. Service ratings were determined by way of ten anonymous queries via e-mail as well as telephone calls. In addition, a detailed content analysis of the website of each provider was conducted, as well as ten appraisals of the websites of each provider by trained test users. All in all, some 1,054 service contacts entered into the analysis. The survey also focused on the offered rates, and the respective terms and conditions.

Logo Gestalter der Energiewende 2014

Gestalter der Energiewende ("Designer of the "Energy Policy Turnaround") 2014

In December 2014 the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy bestowed the Gestalter der Energiewende ("Designer of the Energy Policy Turnaround") award on SWM in acknowledgement of the "M-Partnerkraft" power management project.

In addition to the renewable energies expansion drive, the M-Partnerkraft virtual power plant is a key component for the success of the energy policy turnaround: different generation units and consumers are expediently connected and flexibly managed. In this way, SWM enables citizens and companies to participate in the power supply of the future. The virtual power plant was launched already in 2010 as a pilot project with power generated by SWM facilities. In the meantime, the project has been expanded to comprise a wide range of different energy sources, such as bio-energy, wind power, as well as solar energy and hydropower.

Logo TÜV Süd

TÜV SÜD confirms high customer satisfaction ratings


The independent, Hanover based imug Institute conducted a representative survey of SWM customers with regard to their satisfaction with SWM customer service (survey entitled "BDEW-Servicemonitor 2015"). The gratifying result: we achieved an overall ranking of 1.47, as confirmed by the test seal bestowed by TÜV SÜD.


BDEW customer survey: SWM takes four top rankings

Every year, the Federal Agency for Energy and Water Management (BDEW, Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft) conducts the "Customer focus households" survey, and also evaluates the SWM performance portfolio. Once again, we have claimed high rankings in many categories, including several top positions: among all the utility companies surveyed, we achieved, among others, the top rating in the following categories:

  • Security and reliability in power supply
  • Performance capabilities
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Trustworthiness

We also earned very good results in the BDEW ranking in the categories of "Ecologically Responsible Work", "Appropriate Prices" and "Innovation".

The BDEW survey polled households nationwide in the respective customer areas of the participating companies. The current BDEW customer focus survey compared 32 municipal and 13 regional utility companies.

Status: July 2014

Zertifikat kundenfreundliche Energierechnung

Customer friendly electricity and natural gas billings


The Energy-Marketing-Agency awarded SWM the "Customer friendly electricity billing" and the "Customer friendly gas billing" certification seals in acknowledgement of excellent customer friendliness and customer satisfaction. Friendliness in communication and the clear comprehensibility of facts and terms in billing comprised the key evaluation criteria.

While the sector average in electricity billing as well as natural gas billing is stated as "satisfactory", SWM was rated as "good" in both categories. The certification rating is derived from the judgments of an expert commission, as well as the input of a customer test group.


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