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SWM Ladestationen M/Ökostrom

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Charging up with electricity

M/Strom tanken

You can easily charge up the car at home or in work, ideally with M-Ökostrom green electricity. We are also installing public green electricity charging stations to meet your requirements when you are out and about.

"Green Fuel" from the socket

The easiest way to recharge your electric car is at home or in work – either with a safety-power or three-phase current socket, which is adequate in many cases, or with a lockable home charging unit. Depending on the charging device and vehicle, the charging time varies between two and six hours.

We recommend our M-Ökostrom green electricity product for recharging with CO2-free power at home in complete safety. With this solution, you can count on sourcing green electricity generated exclusively from hydropower.

SWM provides you with a complete individual pack for CO2-free mobility as a one-stop-shop solution for your home:

  • CO2-free M-Ökostrom green electricity
  • Arrangement of a contractual installer for your home charging station
  • Individual advice on the most suitable charging station for you
  • Power card for use at SWM charging stations in the Munich city area which supply CO2-free green electricity for your vehicle, and for charging up with electricity at numerous SWM co-operation partners all over Germany (see ladenetz.de)
  • The one-time charging card fee is €49.
  • SWM support service ensures fault-free charging around the clock

Powering up at SWM charging stations

In addition to charging installations at home and at the workplace, we are constantly increasing the number of public stations where you can recharge your electric vehicle when you are out and about.

Powering up at a SWM green electricity charging station is extremely straightforward. We provide you with a power allowing you to activate a socket at the charging station. You then simply connect your electric vehicle’s plug and recharge with CO2-free green electricity.

Overview of SWM’s charging stations (in German)

SWM Ladestation mit M/Ökostrom

This signs indicate SWM’s green electricity charging stations in Munich.



If you wish to find out more about electromobility by SWM, please contact us.

Phone: 0800 796 796 0 *
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
E-Mail: customer-service@swm.de
* toll-free within Germany

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Phone: 089/23 61-20 30