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Olympiapark leuchtet mit M/Strom

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SWM invests in new technologies.

Glasfaserkabel M-net

High-speed data highway

We are developing a fibre-optic network in Munich to create a high-speed data highway. Development of fibre-optic network

Free, unlimited surfing

Together with its partners, SWM is developing and operating a freely accessible WLAN service on behalf of the state capital. M-WLAN
M/Strom tanken


Motoring with M-Ökostrom green electricity - SWM is trialling electromobility as part of the Munich model region initiative. Electromobility
Außenansicht SWM Zentrale

A Profile of SWM

Find out more about Stadtwerke München (SWM) and what we do for Munich.

Stadtwerke München

Tariff advisor Electricity