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Erneuerbare Energien SWM: Photovoltaikanlagen

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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency not only plays a key role in climate protection. The economical use of energy is also increasingly important in view of rising energy prices.

We are making major contributions to energy efficiency through the expansion of renewable energies, resource-saving combined heat and power plants, which produce both electricity and heat, green energy products, electromobility and a wide range of consultation services on saving energy:

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Fibre optics

You will soon be able to read your energy consumption at any time using intelligent remote-readable electricity and gas meters. Data is transmitted via fibre-optic cables. Development of the fibre-optic network
M/Ökostrom: Frau in Natur

Green Electricity for Munich

We aim to generate enough green electricity by 2025 to meet the requirements of the entire city of Munich. Renewable energies
Wissenswertes SWM: Isarkraftwerk

M-Ökostrom green electricity

The M-Ökostrom and M-Ökostrom aktiv green electricity products are solely generated in eco-friendly hydropower stations. This benefits you and the environment. M-Ökostrom green electricity
M/Strom tanken

Electric vehicles - motoring with green electricity

Vehicles powered by electricity from renewable energies do not produce any CO<sub>2</sub>, enabling you to enjoy individual mobility in a highly environmentally friendly way. Electric vehicles
M/Erdgas tanken

Motoring with natural gas

As an alternative to constantly rising petrol prices, M-Erdgas natural gas is a more economical and greener option. Motoring with M-Erdgas
M/Fernwärme: HKW Süd

District heating: Combined heat and power

Combined heat and power plants use fuel twice effectively: The heat produced during electricity generation is fed into the district heating network. Combined heat and power
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Saving energy effectively

We often use more electricity and heating than necessary. Our tips show you how and where you can save energy. Save energy
Fernwärme Vision Geysir

District heating expansion

We plan to significantly extend the district heating network to enable as many Munich residents as possible to have a connection. District heating expansion campaign
SWM Energiesparberatung

Tips on how to really save energy

We often use more electricity and heating energy than necessary. Our tips show you how to save energy. Saving energy