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SWM group strategy

Sustainability, efficiency and independence

SWM serves the citizens of Munich as a municipal utilities provider. Our goal is to optimize benefits for citizens, Munich’s economy and the city budget.

Principles of our approach

SWM is market and customer-oriented.

Fielding high quality services and proactive customer care, our key focus is on customer satisfaction. Ambitious and sustainable investment in utility facilities and infrastructure forms the basis for a long-term relationship with our customers and value creation in our field of activity.

SWM adopts an entrepreneurial and sustainable approach.

As a company we concentrate on achieving business success through efficiency. However, we also aim to protect natural resources and the environment. We concentrate on sustainable rather than short-term results in order to constantly create value.

SWM focuses on partnership and cooperation.

We actively foster fruitful relationships with our business partners and aim to achieve “win-win situations” for our customers, suppliers and other partners who help us to attain our ambitious targets. Partners can rely upon agreements forged with SWM over the long-term.

SWM remains independent.

Cooperation with SWM is subject to limited periods of time and/or restricted to specific projects and business activities. Financial and substantive success is the key to ensuring a bright future for SWM.

SWM’s energy-sector principles:

  • Competitive pricing
  • A sustainable and environmentally friendly approach
  • Economical, efficient and eco-friendly use of energy and resources
  • An intelligent energy mix with a high share of self-generated energy
  • Greater use of regenerative energy sources
  • Securing key elements: gas fields, land for biogenic material, water rights, mining rights for geothermal power, storage facilities
  • Price and product policy independent of international oil and gas companies

If you wish to find out more about SWM, please contact us.

Phone: 0800 796 796 0 *
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
E-Mail: customer-service@swm.de
* toll-free within Germany

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