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Page Background

SWM22: future-oriented, integrated,


Against this background, we initiated the SWM22 strategy

project in autumn 2016. Its ambitious goals: stabilise EBIT

at a sound level and, above all, develop sustainable solu-

tions to the challenges we are facing in our markets. In

this exercise, we are putting every aspect of our business

model under the microscope – starting with our vision and

mission. The guiding principles of our deliberations are:


Encourage networking across all units


Facilitate and demand entrepreneurial action


Strengthen the strategic focus


Allocate resources efficiently

Very much in keeping with the first guiding principle,

multidisciplinary work groups examined trends in society,

business and technology. Their guideposts were the ques-

tions of what Munich will look like in the future, how we

at SWM can play a proactive role in shaping this transfor-

mation and what business potential will emerge for us

from these developments. In early 2017, we translated the

answers and results into a new strategy aimed at ensuring

that we continue to fulfil our task of providing basic public

services: with our wide range of services, we contribute to

the functioning of Munich in the same reliable manner as

in the past 100 years.

Provide: ensure ecologically benign

provision of basic services

SWM’s customers will continue to receive excellent value

for money in the basic services of energy, heating, water,

telecommunications and mobility.

Our commitment to our renewable energies expansion

campaign and its ambitious goal will remain unchanged:

by 2025, we intend to be generating sufficient green elec-

tricity in our own plants to cover all of Munich’s consump-

tion. However, we are adjusting the course leading to this

goal. Although we will continue to focus on wind energy,

currently the most productive and most profitable technol-

ogy for the generation of renewable energies, we will shift

the weighting of our onshore/offshore portfolio in the

direction of onshore.

Onshore – wind energy has priority

Nevertheless, we have good news to report from our most

recent offshore project: the “Sandbank” wind park we are

realizing together with Vattenfall. In January 2017, con-

struction of the last of a total 72 wind energy converters

was completed 90 kilometres west of the island of Sylt –

approximately three months ahead of the original schedule.

The wind park’s regular operation is scheduled to produce

an annual electricity volume theoretically covering the re-

quirements of 400,000 Munich households. In September

2016, we moreover announced that we are taking a stake

in the “Raskiftet” onshore wind park in Norway. In




Our Strategy