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are considering the addition of CHP-compatible gas and

steam plants to our generation park to close potential

supply gaps until electricity and heating requirements can

be satisfied completely from renewable sources.

Services for Munich‘s high quality of life

Compared to energy, our business units Water and Public

Pools are admittedly less significant from a purely econo­

mic perspective, but they are nevertheless extremely im-

portant for the quality of life in Munich and for Stadtwerke

München’s reason for existence. Every day, SWM supplies

fresh-from-the-source drinking water from the foothills of

the Bavarian Alps to Munich. The drinking water from the

three catchment areas – the Mangfall valley, the Loisach

valley, and an area of moraine deposits east of Munich

known as the “Schotterebene” – is one of the best in

Europe. In 18 modern indoor and outdoor pools, ten

attractive sauna landscapes, the Prinzregenten ice stadium

and two modern fitness centres, the Munich public pools

offer city-dwellers a wide range of opportunities to keep

themselves fit and healthy, spend leisure time and relax.

SWM is continuously enhancing its public pools. At pres-

ent, the Olympic swimming pool is being refurbished with-

out closing the pool to the public, and Cosimawellenbad,

Munich’s only wave pool, is also being modernised and

undergoing general refurbishment. Cosimawellenbad will

presumably reopen in summer 2017. The pool will then

offer an expanded children paddling area, a swimming and

wave pool, new courses and an attractive sauna – a further

enhancement of the swimming pool variety offered to all

citizens of Munich. We will continue to further develop the

relatively stable Water and Public Pool business units in a

demand-oriented and forward-looking manner in the

future, too.

Infrastructure: create affordable housing

In a prosperous metropolitan region such as Munich,

boasting a continuously growing population, basic require-

ments also include the availability of residential and com-

mercial space.

By offering affordable company flats, we intend to win and

retain qualified new employees for our company. In our

company-flat expansion campaign, we will therefore build

approximately 500 new company flats by 2022, nearly

doubling our portfolio. With this expansion campaign, we

will not only ease the burden arising from Munich’s high

cost of living for our employees, but also reduce the ten-

sions characterising the Munich residential property mar-

ket. In total, we will invest at least EUR 120 million in this

campaign. The first construction projects with a total of

45 dwelling units, launched in 2014, were successfully

completed in the year under review.




Our Strategy