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SWM Renewable Energies expansion campaign

Ausbauoffensive Erneuerbare Energien

By 2015, SWM plans to generate as much green energy in its own plants to supply all of Munich’s private households, subways and trams combined and by 2025 enough to supply the entire municipality. Munich will then become the first city with a population of more than a million to achieve this target! To realize this goal, SWM launched the Renewable Energies Expansion Campaign in 2008 and has allocated a budget of around nine billion euros for the project.

First target achieved

SWM has already achieved its first expansion target: By May 2015 its plants feed as much green energy into the grid as is consumed by all private house-holds and the electrically powered public transport system in Munich. An im-portant step towards “100 percent green electricity for Munich”. And once its other ongoing projects have been realized and have come on stream, SWM will have a green energy generation capacity of over 3.5 billion kWh from its own plants. This is already equivalent to 50 percent of Munich’s power consumption.



Wind, hydro, solar, biomass and geothermal energy

From the outset, SWM has focused exclusively on cost-efficient projects that are self-sustaining. In addition to water, geothermal, solar and biomass, wind power is playing an increasingly important role in SWM’s strategy. It is the most cost-efficient of the renewable energies.

Projects in Munich and the surrounding area clearly take priority for SWM. For example, SWM is currently operating 21 solar plants (including one solar thermal plant) and is involved in one other plant in Munich and its region. The portfolio in Munich and the surrounding region also includes 13 hydroelectric plants, a biogas plant, a biogas processing plant, two geothermal plants (one of which generates only heat) and a wind park. Other solar, wind and hydroelectric plants are on the drawing board. Nevertheless, SWM is unable to generate as much green energy here as the city requires, as the regional potential is limited. It is therefore participating in projects across Germany and Europe. Within Europe, SWM selects and makes use of the most suitable sites in terms of energy density and economic viability on which to build plants for generating green energy. This potential will safeguard Munich’s energy future.

SWM Green Energy in the European grid

The power will be fed into the grid where it is generated, so as to avoid transmission losses over long distances, among other reasons. The European grid can be compared to a huge lake. Everyone who generates electricity, feeds it into the “energy lake”; everyone who consumes energy, removes some. Every green kilowatt hour makes the European lake cleaner. Participation in climate-friendly energy plants outside Munich therefore makes good sense – after all, their environmental impact also benefits the citizens of Munich.



An in-depth look at some projects:

Onshore wind parks in Germany
Onshore wind parks in France
Onshore wind parks in Sweden
Planning, construction and operation of onshore wind parks in Europe
Offshore wind park DanTysk in the North Sea off Sylt
The Sankbank offshore wind park in the North Sea off Sylt
Offshore wind park Global Tech I in the North Sea
Offshore wind park Gwynt y Môr in the Liverpool Bay (Irish Sea)
Expansion of wind power in Bavaria – SWM Bayernwind
Large-scale solar thermal plant in southern Spain
Solar parks in Germany
Geothermal district heating plant in the south of Munich
Hydroelectric plants on Munich’s Isar River

Explanations: - All calculations are based on an average consumption of 2,500 kWh/year per Munich household.
- CO2 savings are calculated on the basis of a specific CO2 value of 0.883 tons CO2/MWhel. A conventional anthracite-fired power plant with an efficiency of 38.5 percent serves for comparison; the specific CO2 value of anthracite is assumed to be 0.34 tons CO2/MWh. In each case, the CO2 saving potential of the plant as a whole is stated.
- The specified production figures are average and planned values, because solar, wind and water energy sources fluctuate.


Tips on how to really save energy

Smart use of energy

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