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SWM Renewable Energies expansion campaign

Ausbauoffensive Erneuerbare Energien

We are aiming to produce enough green electricity at our own plants by 2025 to meet the power requirements of the entire municipality of Munich, which stand at around 7.5 billion kilowatt hours per year. This would make Munich the first city in the world with over a million inhabitants to achieve this goal.

100% green electricity for Munich by 2025

On completion of the already initiated or executed projects, SWM will have a generation capacity of over 3.5 billion kWh of green electricity from its own plants. That equates to 47% of Munich’s power consumption and is significantly more than the requirements of all of Munich’s approximately 800,000 households as well as the underground and tram systems. Further projects with great poten-tial (particularly in the field of wind power) are already in planning.



Wind, hydro, solar, biomass and geothermal energy

From the outset, SWM has focused exclusively on cost-efficient projects that are self-sustaining. In addition to water, geothermal, solar and biomass, wind power is playing an increasingly important role in SWM’s strategy. It is the most cost-efficient of the renewable energies.

Up to 2025, we are earmarking a budget of 9 billion euros for the expansion of environmentally-friendly energy generation. Priority is clearly given to SWM projects in Munich and its region. However, SWM is unable to generate enough renewable energy to meet the needs of the city of over a million inhabitants here alone. This is why the company also has activities in other parts of Germany and Europe. It selects and uses the locations best suited to the construction of regenerative energy plants in Europe from a power generation and economic perspective. SWM is harnessing this potential to meet Munich’s future energy requirements.

An in-depth look at some projects:

The Sankbank offshore wind park in the North Sea off Sylt
Planning, construction and operation of onshore wind parks in Europe
Onshore wind parks in France
Onshore wind park in Sweden
Onshore wind parks in Germany
Expansion of wind power in Bavaria – SWM Bayernwind
Offshore wind park DanTysk in the North Sea off Sylt
Offshore wind park Gwynt y Môr in the Liverpool Bay (Irish Sea)
Offshore wind park Global Tech I in the North Sea
Parabolic trough power plant Andasol 3 in southern Spain
Geothermal cogeneration plant in south Munich
Hydropower plants on the river Isar in Munich

- All calculations are based on consumption of 2,500 kWh/year for a Munich household.
- The CO2 reductions are calculated on the basis of a specific CO2 value of 0.883 t CO2/MWh. A conventional hard coal-fired power plant with 38.5% efficiency is used as comparison; the specific CO2 value of hard coal is set at 0.34 t CO2/MWh. The CO2 reduction potential of the entire plant is indicated.

Tips on how to really save energy

Smart use of energy

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We often use more electricity and heating energy than necessary. Our tips show you how to save energy.

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